What is Convolution?

Convolution is a new, independent science fiction and fantasy convention in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is held annually, starting on November 2-4, 2012. Its theme varies annually.

Who is behind Convolution?

Convolution was created by a group of veteran San Francisco Bay Area convention runners who wanted to try something new and different. Please see the "Who We Are" page for more details.

What is San Cipriano?

San Cipriano is the mythical city where Convolution 2012 will take place. Founded by Fathers Prospero Arrugas and Domingo Pliegues, San Cipriano has become a haven for a variety of supernatural factions. For more information about San Cipriano, see the Theme page.

Do I have to have a costume or character?

No, you are welcome to visit San Cipriano as yourself or whomever you would like to be.

What are Factions?

San Cipriano is home to vampires, werewolves, Fae, mediums, necromancers, and mad scientists. If you choose to align yourself with one of the factions there will be a variety of activities for you to participate in to help your faction gain power and take control of the city. You can learn more about the factions here.

What is a science fiction or fantasy convention?

A science fiction and fantasy convention is a gathering of fans of the genre. It’s a place to meet other people who share your interests, discuss your favorite books, shows, movies, and music, or explore new ideas.

Is Convolution right for me?

Convolution will offer a variety of events and activities to appeal to people of all ages; from art and costuming workshops to dances and concerts, informative presentations to debates and discussion, formal networking to casual conversations in the atrium. Whether you’re a longtime fan or have just found a new favorite series, Convolution offers a new outlet to explore your passion.

Should I bring my children?

Certainly! We hope that you will enjoy exploring Convolution with your family. There will be a variety of Family-Friendly programming. Please remember that all children under 7 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Is Convolution a non-profit event?

No, Convolution’s parent company is Consanity, Inc. a California corporation. However, the chairman and all convention staff are volunteers and purchased convention memberships. No one involved in organizing this event received payment for their work on Convolution. We have selected a charity, Reading for the Future, for whom we have been raising money throughout the year. For more information about Consanity, Inc. visit our website.