SLIDEmasqueradeCostume is more than just clothing. It is more than just sewing. It may include prop-building, puppetry or other non-traditional techniques.  It may include scavenging or purchasing pieces to put together in a specific way.  Do you have a costume you’d like to show off?  There are many opportunities during Con-Volution, from the hotel halls to the Masquerade.  There will be plenty of photo-ops, so be ready to pose.

The Con-Volution Masquerade will be held on Saturday afternoon for our costuming/cosplay community, and for the general delight of all our attendees.

There will be two categories of competition available: “Created” costumes (a costume you made) and “Assembled” costumes (a costume you put together out of items purchased from stores and auction sites). This way, everyone who has a costume- regardless of how it came together- has the opportunity to present it.

And, of course, the option to merely show off your creation in the EXHIBITION class is always there. 

The Masquerade will take place Saturday afternoon, immediately prior to the evening events.

(For more information regarding the Masquerade, please write


The purpose of rules at a competitive masquerade is to ensure fairness to all of the participants. 

  1. Every entrant must be an attending member of Con-Volution 2016. If the maker and presenter are different people, both must be attending members.Masq-Scavenger
  2. You (or a representative of your group) must attend the Pre-Masquerade meeting.  Failure to attend the meeting (without making previous arrangements with the Masquerade Director) can result in your entry being taken out of the Masquerade.
  3. Competition Category:
    1. Created:  a costume with less than 50% purchased parts.  Purchased elements must be disclosed to all judges (so that they may be discounted).  Items excluded from this restriction include:  Shoes, Eyeglasses, Wigs.
    2. Assembled:  a costume with more than 50% purchased parts.  The costume may not be purchased as a complete ensemble.
    3. Practical application of this rule:  If you bought your costume items and then altered them to fit you (or your friend) better, you are still ineligible for the “Created” category unless the alteration significantly changes the original garment structure.  It will be the Masquerade Director’s decision which category a costume qualifies for.
  4. Competition Level:
    1. Young Fan: Entrants no older than 16 who participated in the design and construction  (or assembly) of their costumes. Children wearing costumes made by adults should enter the Novice or Open categories.
    2. Novice: You have not won a major prize in any other Masquerade. (A “major prize” is an award that doesn’t involve the words “Honorable Mention.”) This category is ideal for first-time entrants, and for those with limited Masquerade experience. Professional costumers, however, can’t enter as a Novice, even if it’s a first Masquerade for him/her. (A professional costumer is a person who makes more than 50% of his/her living off of costuming.)
    3. Open: Anyone who has won a major prize at a Masquerade, or a Novice who’s feeling extremely confident. (The Novice class exists to give Masquerade newcomers a chance to compete without being judged against more experienced entrants.)
    4. Exhibition: This category is for someone who does not wish to compete, but still wishes to show off their costume on stage.
  5. Masq-WonderWomanJudging
    1. Participating in the competitive aspect of the masquerade is voluntary. You do not have to submit to either form of judging you don’t want to (in which case, select the “exhibition only” category on the entry form).
    2. There are two types of judging: Presentation and Workmanship. Participating in the Workmanship judging aspect of the Masquerade is purely voluntary. Workmanship awards are available for “Created” costumes only.
    3. Presentation: evaluating how your costume is presented on the stage (not the quality of your performance). Our presentation judges will assess how you (or your model) and your costume appears on stage. Do you inhabit your character’s body when you move on stage? Is your presentation (no matter whether it’s a walk-through or a full-fledged skit) appropriate to the character and costume? The judges discuss these kinds of questions as they debate which entries deserve prizes.
    4. Workmanship: Our workmanship judge will get up close and personal with your costume and props in the Green Room prior to the actual start of the Masquerade. You will have the opportunity to show off details that you’re particularly proud of, that won’t be that visible on stage, as well as chat with the judge about overall construction tricks and techniques used to create your costume. If you are not in the Green Room and signed in with the director 30 minutes before the show, you will not be able to have your costume judged for workmanship judging.
    5. Time permitting and by request only, if you have an “Assembled” costume, our workmanship judges will look at those parts of your costume that are hand created or altered and offer some constructive criticism on how to improve them.


The Pre-Masquerade Meeting will take place on Saturday morning at a time to be determined. Each entry must be represented, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Masquerade Director.

At the meeting, you will turn in your entry forms (if you haven’t already), along with any music or soundtrack CDs and documentation. The Masquerade staff will review your paperwork with you, and will inform you about Green Room times and procedures.

Why is this meeting mandatory? You will know where to be when for the Masquerade, and you will be assured that the Masquerade staff understands your requirements. It also benefits the Masquerade staff, because by meeting with you prior to the event, we will get a real sense of what you and everyone else will be doing. This sense will help in planning a running order and how to best set up the Green Room.

If you are not in the Green Room and signed in with the director 15 minutes before the show, you will not be able to enter the Masquerade. (This primarily applies to those who will be arriving much later in the Green Room, such as  “Assembled” and “Exhibition” entrants and those not wishing to have their costumes judged for Workmanship.)Masq-RiverSong

Presentations have strict time limits. Solo entrants are limited to one minute.  Entries of two or more are limited to two minutes.  If you have a REALLY LARGE group, contact the Masquerade Director before the Masquerade about the time you will need. Any entry going beyond the stated time limit will be disqualified.

You do not have to create a skit or presentation to go on stage. A simple catwalk (walk on, pause, turn, pause, walk off) works, too.

Entrants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the entry form.

This is a family show. Your costuming – and your skit – needs to be a PG-13 rating or less.

No materials or effects that will leave a mess on stage or in the green room are allowed. No materials or effects that may ruin another entrant’s costume are allowed. No materials that will upset the hotel are allowed.

No live animals on stage, unless it’s a service animal.

No pyrotechnics or any other open flames are allowed.

Weapons must comply with convention and hotel rules when not on stage. (Con-Volution’s Weapons Policy may be found at the bottom of THIS PAGE.) If you plan on wielding your weapon as part of your presentation, you must advise the Masquerade Director of what exactly you plan on doing on stage at the Pre-Masquerade Meeting. Failure to do so can result in disqualification. This is for the safety of the entrant, the judges, the Director, the rest of the Masquerade staff, the other entrants, and the audience.

There will be NO live microphones on the stage. All sound/music must be pre-recorded and brought by the entrants to the pre-masquerade meeting.

The lighting setup is very basic. Tech cannot accommodate any special lighting needs. We’re talking “lights up” and “lights down” and nothing else.  The event will have daylight filtering in, so costumes with light-up effects may not be seen well.

Please bring your music on a CD *and* a USB drive (if possible). They will be uploaded to a computer to make the playlist for the show.Masq-Jafar

If you have large props, or a costume that limits your mobility, please bring your own assistants to help you/it/them on and off the stage. Although we will have a limited number of backstage ninjas available, we cannot guarantee they will give you the same level of service your own dedicated crew would give.

If you have a recreation costume (i.e. a costume that’s a recreation of a costume from another source, like pretty much anything worn by characters on TV, in film, on the web, in manga, in anime), you should bring along some form of documentation for the judges. This documentation doesn’t have to be elaborate: a few photos of the costume will suffice. The judges may not be familiar with the source costume. You may turn your documentation in with your entry forms and your music/soundtrack at the Pre-Masquerade Meeting.