Super-Villains (Mette Hedin and Bill Howard)

Bring a Friend! Promotion

Con-Volution 2016:  The Age of Monsters wants you to  BRING A FRIEND!

Have a friend who is into all the same TV shows and movies, reads the same books, but has never come to a Con before?  Now’s the time to get them in on the action!

Between June 27th and July 31st, every third purchase will get an extra membership at the same level for FREE!  You coming for one day?  If you’re a winner, you’ll get another one day membership to share with a friend.  Coming for the whole weekend?  Your friend can join you for all the fun at Con-Volution.  Buying multiple memberships?  You will get an extra of the highest level membership you purchase.

We will be making awards all month long — so you have a one-in-three chance of getting that extra membership.  Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, as we’ll be announcing new winners’ names every week — and if you haven’t pre-registered before now — get to it!  You may end up being a winner.