Redshirts, Sidekicks and Minions!

Oh My!

We are pleased to announce that the 2017 convention will be chaired by Jennifer “Radar” Wylie. ┬áThe theme will be “Redshirts, Sidekicks, and Minions” and we will be at the San Ramon Marriott.

Start thinking about your favorite stories and characters.

2 Comments on “Redshirts, Sidekicks and Minions!

  1. SAN RAMON Marriott. I’m familiar with it,but couldn’t someone find a
    location on this side of the bay. Even the Biltmore,Milpitas would be preferable depending on the number of expected attendees.

    • Thanks for asking- we took a good look at a number of properties before settling on the San Ramon Marriott. That location offered our attendees the best value for their hotel stay, as well as the best availability of nearby amenities. We look forward to working with their staff and the new space, to bring Con-Volution members the best possible convention we can, like always.