We at Con-Volution take accessibility seriously. Detailed, up-to-date information will be posted on our website.You can always email, if you have questions, special needs, or requests.

Unfortunately, we can’t make the entire con barrier-free. We are limited by finances, volunteer staffing, and reality: sometimes the accommodation essential to one person (a helper animal, for example) is a barrier to another (those allergic to animals). Let us know, please, if you encounter difficulties or if you can offer suggestions or help.

At a minimum, we expect to offer these accommodations:

  • A highly accessible, nonsmoking hotel with a number of handicapped access rooms
  • Reserved seats (marked with blue tape) in meeting rooms to help those who need to see or hear
  • Dealers’ room aisles wide enough for two wheelchairs to pass
  • An effort to reduce perfumes for those with scent sensitivities
  • Lists of ingredients wherever possible for those with food allergies
  • A wide array of edibles to maximize your chances to find food that is both safe and luscious
  • Signs at different heights because not everyone’s eye level is the same
  • An electronic version of the con schedule
  • Accessible website design

Minimizing Stress and Maximizing Comfort

The weather both inside and out varies a lot. Bring layers to add in chilly program rooms, subtract in hot ones, and ensure you’re comfortable in the wide range of weather both inside and outside the hotel.


If you wish to rent a wheelchair or motorized scooter, we have found a service that will deliver rentals to the hotel’s bell desk and pick it up after the con at no additional charge. Email for details. Reserve at least 48 hours in advance; a week is better.


Con-Volution provides information in various formats. Our most important publications are the pocket program and the Program Book. In addition to regular print, the Con-Volution web site will host PDF and HTML versions. A printed pocket program book is included in the membership packet. If you want a large-print version of the pocket program, please request by March 10.


For the convenience of speech-readers, we set aside blue stripe seats front and center in every program room. Program participants may be able to use microphones in the larger program rooms. Contact us at for any other accommodations.


If the Enchantment Under the Sea/Meet the Guests on Friday night is catered, we will try to post ingredient lists and avoid cross-contamination, but we cannot guarantee it.

The Con Suite is open Friday from Noon to Midnight; Saturday from Noon to Midnight; and Sunday from Noon to 4PM. Every attempt will be made to supply ingredient lists and avoid cross-contamination.


Our “zoned” fragrance policy balances two needs. For some members, fragrances trigger asthma, migraine, or illness. Some members need to use fragrance to manage pain and mood. Please leave scented products at home if you can do so without detriment to your own health. The Dealers’ Room wares may include incense and dusty books. The hotel uses scented cleaning products. Those of us who react strongly to fragrances, dust, and particulates should bring an N95 mask. Service animals are allowed in the SFO Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Potential Barriers that Remain

Given our fiscal limitations, our commitment to our current conference venue, and the reality that sometimes one member’s accommodation is another member’s barrier, we can’t make Con-Volution perfectly accessible to everyone. We don’t want to make promises we can’t keep. We want you to know about these potential barriers so you can make informed decisions. “No” is not the same message as “we don’t care” or “we don’t believe you” or “we’re comfortable ignoring your needs.” The Exec Staff has and will continue to wrestle with these issues. Contact for background on these remaining barriers:

  • Most of the programming rooms are illuminated with fluorescent lighting.
  • Members bring a lot of reading materials only available in regular print. The “freebie” tables groan with info on events, zines, books, con bids, art shows, political theater, and much more. Party announcements and such decorate the walls.
  • Con-Volution is not scent-free.
  • The toilet facilities are labeled “Men” and “Women,” although humans don’t divide that neatly.
  • We cannot guarantee microphones in all program rooms.
  • We have not yet found volunteer interpreters or captioning, and Con-Volution just can’t afford paid ones.

Many thanks to the FOGcon Access Team, who very kindly gave us permission to use and adapt their fine document on accessibility.