Fan Guests of Honor

Mette Hedin and Bryan Little are well known to costumers, although many folks may not know who is behind the costumes.  Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

Writing a bio for yourself is hard. Summing up your own accomplishments and personality from over 20 years in fandom without feeling either conceited or overly self deprecating is nearly impossible, so we decided to take the easy way out and make our friends do it! We therefore conducted a highly unscientific poll on Facebook to ask what 3 words people we know in fandom associate with us as fans and convention goers.

We received 102 responses listing 111 unique words and 8 three-word phrases. The 3 most common words, in descending order was talented, creative and fun. 73% of respondents described us with some variation of creative or talented. Surprisingly only 16% though of costuming or cosplay, and 15% correctly identified that we have hair. 23% thought we were some variation of “fun” but more encouragingly 40% of respondents thought we were the equivalent of “friendly”, “warm” or “welcoming”. 38% gave us a confidence booster such as “awesome”, “amazing” or “fantastic”. Only 10% described us with some synonym of “intelligent” and 5% questioned our sanity. Only 1 person thought we had class. That’s fair. Only 1 person found us sexy, (but we did also have 1 vote for gorgeous and 1 vote for adorable). We can live with that. 1 person thought we were Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and 1 person correctly identified our favorite beer. The word “badass” was used to describe us 4 times more often than the word “whackadoodle”. The most confusing 3 word phrase was “Heh heh. Yessssss …” and the laziest 3 word phrase was “what they said”.

So in conclusion, I think we can with a moderate level of confidence say that we are creative, friendly and fun costumers with hair. We are awesome but have a moderate level of intelligence and low sex appeal. We are Mette Hedin and Bryan Little and we endorse this bio.

They are actively involved in SciFi fandom (especially Doctor Who), and are avid gamers.  Their costume ideas come from all of these interests.  Mette is a bit more involved in prosthetics, while Bryan is more involved with props.


The Intergalactic Dating Game. Renovation, Worldcon 2011


Ood. Gallifrey One, 2011


Dream Crabs. Gallifrey One, 2014


Papers, Please! FurCon, 2015.


Spy vs Spy. Baycon 2005.


Fallout 3. Sasquan, Worldcon 2015.


Bluebox42. Gallifrey One, 2015












See their individual pages for more details.

Photo credits:  Richard Man, Ric Bretschneider, Christine Doyle