First review of the hotel

Several of the staff members went up to the San Ramon Marriott recently for a fairly detailed tour of the facility.  We took photos and measurements and outlined the basics of where everything will be.

The venue allows us to put nearly all of the convention on the ground floor, with a central lobby bar and restaurant.  Nearly everything is easily accessible with a mobie, although a chair or two may need to be moved in the restaurant.

The hotel staff showed their ability to handle problems when the main elevator bank went out.  They had signs all over showing folks how to get to the service elevators, and a couple of staff who were helping people use them.

Interesting tidbits:

  • tables in the bar area have power (both regular and USB plugs)
  • seating areas outside in both the front and back
  • the bar has 6 choices on tap


The hotel is adjacent to the Bishop Ranch shopping area, which is about a 5 minute walk.  There are several restaurants, a grocery store, Target, etc in the current area, and a new area is being built across the street.  More info about that in a later post.


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