Featured Guest: Dusty “Dustykatt” Rhoades

Starting in fandoms in 1989 with Anthropomorphics, Dusty quickly branched out into Sci-fi and fantasy works as well as comics collecting and old school anime from his childhood. Finding the My Little Pony show and the Brony fandom in 2010, he dove in hooves first. Creating the viral video “The Manliest Brony in the World” which opened up opportunities for his own livestream show “ Stay Brony My Friends” which then ran for over 100 live episodes interviewing actors, writers and directors working on the MLP show as well as other important fandom personalities. His show generated over 60k dollars in charity donations during it’s run.

He appeared in two documentaries on the Brony phenomenon which lead to an on screen acting roll in a student film. This lead to a featured placement in a Metallica video this year. He has over 220 videos on his YouTube channel and over 22k subscribers and 2.3 million views. Switching his focus to voice acting in 2015, after doing it as an amateur for years on a variety of projects. He has successfully built an infrastructure of equipment, software, and a vocal isolation room building his own noise damping fixtures. He has appeared in several Brony fandom animation and radio play projects from the Analysis Anarchy series to the Fallout Equestria series. He has performed improv on stage at conventions across the country with the “Hooves line is it anyway” troupe.

He just finished and delivered his first audio book “Of Temples and Trials” in the Portals of Infinity Sci-fi/Fantasy series by John Van Stry.

His joy comes from being the Brony Fandom’s choice Charity Auctioneer where he has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities across the world.

He has guested or GOH at over 20 conventions in the Brony fandom from sea to shining sea as well as Germany and Japan.