Lee Moyer

LEE MOYER – Toast-Master, Raconteur and Man About Town.


1 • Has spoken, lectured, and mentored at the Smithsonian Institution, M.I.T., National Zoo, et alia.
2 • Once caught the largest rainbow trout in the middle of main street with his bare hands.
3 • His Kickstarter White Paper and essay ‘The Elements of Illustration’ are widely read.
4 • Created the artwork for Amanda Palmer’s Nudie Pen.
5 • Work exhibited in galleries in New York, Los Angeles, and London.
6 • 3 Literary Pin-up Calendars with authors N.K. Jemisin, George RR Martin, Jacqueline Carey, Ray Bradbury, et alia.
7 • Scrabble champion and fiend at Anagrams.
8 • The Doom that Came to Atlantic City (with Keith Baker) created FTC precedent on crowdfunding.
9 • Could talk all four legs off an Arcturan Mega-Donkey.