Simply put, Con-Volution is an annual 3-day science-fiction and fantasy fandom event, which focuses on providing educational and entertaining experiences through the use of genre interests. It’s presented by ConSanity, Inc., which is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, dedicated to keeping science fiction and fantasy involved in education and the arts.

The weekend is filled with hands-on workshop opportunities to learn new skills, writing workshops in which attendees actively write new pieces and interact and network with professionals in the field, and fans of sci-fi and fantasy media get to meet and socialize while having discussions about the books, art, television and movies that bring us all together! There’s also all the fun and spectacle of our Marketplace and Gallery, cosplay and photo opportunities in the hallways, a Masquerade costume contest, and charity fundraising events.

That’s the most basic description, but there’s so much more to it than that!  We believe in facilitating people taking The Next Step both in and out of fandom, whether it’s becoming a professional artist or writer, learning a new craft, or becoming a meeting planner!

We all want to have fun, and so we have CONVENTION POLICIES that help us all have fun together.

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