Our GALLERY has offered attendees the opportunity to view and purchase beautiful and thought-provoking artwork over the past five years, showcasing artists of various levels — from seasoned professionals to those taking their first steps into public viewing. And Con-Volution 2017 is excited to welcome new and returning artists this year!

We are accepting applications for Gallery space as well as Artist’s Alley.  If you are ready to submit your application, follow this link.  Otherwise, please see the Gallery Details page for more information if you are interested in participating.

Gallery Policies

We hope that you will enjoy the gallery and consider taking a piece of art home with you.  Please note the following information:

  • No photography in the Gallery.
  • You may be asked to check bags at the door.
  • For the safety of the art, please be mindful of the reach of your costume when in the gallery.
  • Purchased art will remain in the gallery until art pick-up on Sunday afternoon.  If you will not be in attendance on Sunday, please talk with our Gallery staff during your purchase to make other arrangements.