Gallery Details

The Con-Volution GALLERY seeks to showcase artwork from up and coming amateur artists alongside works from recognized professionals in their artistic fields. All forms of genre-related artwork are welcome, but to ensure a diverse and varied art show experience, we reserve the right to jury the art show. We welcome both 2D and 3D art such as paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, carvings, costuming, or masks. All works must be the original work of the artist. Art may be displayed with a Not For Sale (NSF) tag, or priced for sale.

Display space in the Con-Volution Gallery is available for $25 for the first display space and $15 for a second space, with a maximum of 2 display spaces available per artist. Hanging displays are 4’x4’ and display tables are 2’x6’. Your art must fit within your purchased display space. There is also a limit of no more than 12 pieces of art allowed inside any one display space, to provide for a better overall Gallery experience for everyone.  

This year, Con-Volution Gallery is also offering display space for costuming at the same price as above – $25 for the first display space and $15 for an additional. If you have a large piece that you wish to display, or any other questions, please contact the gallery staff at ahead of time.

Con-Volution will handle all sales transactions, and retain a 15% commission on all sales. This commission will be subtracted from your sales price. Please set sale prices accordingly.

One of the goals of Con-Volution is to foster interaction and connections between fans, aspiring artists, and professionals, therefore we highly suggest artists who are requesting space in our Gallery also consider attending Con-Volution 2017, and let us know if they are interested in taking part in interactive events within the scope of the convention weekend.

“Artist Alley”

For the first time, Con-Volution will be offering an Artist Alley option. For $85, you get a 6’ table and a day badge. Note: this is a table outside of the gallery. You must have a business permit to sell from your table, but there is no convention commission on what you sell from your Alley table. This is best for artists with large numbers of prints to sell as well as those doing commission work at the convention. For more information, please contact the Art Gallery at

“Artists In Residence” Space

We invite artists to come and work in our designated creation space. Artists can sign up in two hour blocks to sit in the Gallery and create. This gives attendees and other artists an opportunity to watch your creative process, ask questions, or just appreciate the craft a little bit more. After the success of last year’s program, we are going to start taking sign ups after the entry to the gallery have been confirmed. We request that all Artists showing in the Gallery and who will be attending the convention sign up for a minimum of two hours of time. Please bring your own supplies, with obvious hotel space limitations: no open flame, nothing that will create noxious smells or fumes, and nothing that will potentially damage the property. You can also feel free to sell your prints or anything you make during that time period, but you must submit a business permit to the Art Gallery staff before selling anything.


The following items must be included with your online application:

  1. Completed application.  (this will take you to a Google form)
  2. A link to a website displaying photos/images for at least 5 pieces of work.  Please do not send actual originals or pieces of art- we are looking for examples of what you will be showing, so that we may better curate and arrange the space in the Gallery.

Applications must be received by 11:59 PM, July 31st, 2017. Applications received after that date will be considered as space allows. Applications will be juried starting August 5th, 2017 and notifications to artists regarding acceptance or non-acceptance will be emailed by August 15th, 2017. Payment will be due by September 5th, 2017, and links to make electronic payments will be provided, for ease of everyone involved.

Do NOT send payment with the application. Accepted artists will need to send payment later.


For accepted artists, we will need the following inventory information no later than September 20th, 2017:

  1. An inventory list of works that will be submitted to the Gallery for check in/out. Control forms for this purpose will be provided by the Con-Volution Gallery after your acceptance to the show. Additional pieces can be added to this list on-site, if needed, but please try to provide us with the most complete possible list ahead of time.


  1. A W-9 with your mailing address and taxpayer identification number.  A blank W-9 will be sent with your Gallery acceptance info, for your convenience.

You may submit your inventory information via e-mail to