Con-Volution is a fan-run science fiction and fantasy convention. Con-Volution is about the business of being a fan, while providing fun events for everyone that enjoys sci-fi, fantasy and fiction media. Chances are you’ve seen a movie, tv show, or read something that is part of speculative fiction. Geeks are no longer a niche market — we are part of every media format, and our enthusiasm has become so widespread that the news regularly covers our exploits.

We are here to encourage the members of our community to engage with their interests, whatever they may be. Want to write a novel? We have authors and editors willing to help. Are you into art? We have a Gallery for you to find unique pieces, and workshops that focus on crafts and artistic endeavors you can take home with you.

It doesn’t end there. Perhaps you’re into podcasting, making your own movies, costuming, or collecting. We have panels and workshops that cover those things too!

Follow the links for more information about MEMBERSHIPS, how to VOLUNTEER, the HOTEL, and information about SAN RAMON.