Why Attend

Con-Volution is a community (volunteer) run, 3 day event, focused on geek culture and industry. We provide fun and hands on events for everyone who likes fantasy and sci-fi shows, gaming, comics, superheroes & villains, dressing up, and going out.

We encourage locals to socialize, make friends, try new things, and engage their interests.

  • Want to write a novel? Our authors and editors are ready to help.
  • Want to design video games? Local game designers will show you the ropes.
  • Want to spread the word about your work and sell it?  Come meet industry pros to get constructive feedback.
  • Are you into art?  Tour the Gallery and find workshops focused on ideas or crafts to take home with you.
  • How about partying in costume with your friends? Use our photo area and learn to make new stuff to wear from more workshops.
  • Have children? Bring them too! We have a kids play area, with “made for little hands” activities.

For our 6th event, Con-Volution is taking over the whole San Ramon Marriott Hotel.

That’s right – every bit of meeting space indoors and outside is just for geeks!  Come for craft & costume workshops, cosplay photos, anime, video & board games, and of course, nightly themed parties. Need new costume pieces, gaming gear or art? We have a marketplace filled with unique, artisan stuff!

Con-Volution isn’t just some big company event – we’re dedicated to providing opportunities for actually meeting people and making real connections with them.

Come for the day to learn, make, and do cool stuff with your friends. Want to celebrate a great day? Stay the night too! Watch movies outdoors, grab a cocktail in costume and end the evening with rounds at the Klingon Bar.

Our hotel rooms are spacious, clean, and quiet so you can get a great night’s rest for another day of making great memories.

Don’t miss out – it’s less than the price of a night in SF! But it’s a whole weekend of fun. 

Follow the links for more information about TICKETS, how to VOLUNTEER, the HOTEL, and information about SAN RAMON.