If you’re reading this, you probably attended Con-Volution 2017.  The convention is organized by Consanity, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

We will have vacancies on the Board of Directors that will need to be filled at the December 9th Board meeting.  If you think you might be interested, or want more information, please send an e-mail to the Chairman of the Board via

We are also looking for Corporate Officers.  Again, contact the Chairman of the Board for more details.



We had a great time with everyone this year.  We would like to thank all of our guests, particularly our Guests of Honor J.M. Frey, Mette Hedin, Elizabeth Leggett, Bryan Little, and Shawna Trpcic, our Toastmaster Lee Moyer, and our Featured Guests Dusty “DustyKatt” Rhoades and Trendane Sparks.



Printable version of the Program

If you would like a printable version of the schedule, we have two options here for you.

Click here for the full program including descriptions.  It’s 14 pages long.

Click here for the program schedule without descriptions.  It’s 3 pages long.

How to Sign Up for Workshops

Workshop signups will be run through the webpage just like membership tickets.  You will be able to sign up once the on-site registration goes on line. (click on Register for Tix)

If there is an associated materials fee, it will be charged at the same time.

Program Schedule Posted

The schedule is live! You can see it here on the website, or you can download the Grenadine Event App on your mobile device.  Once it’s downloaded, use the code: CONVOL17

If you already have Grenadine on your mobile, just go to Options and then Change Events.

Learn about all of our Program Participants here.

Any changes to the Schedule or Participants list will be posted on the website, social media, and Grenadine.

On-Site Registration to open Friday October 6th

On-Site registration will be available starting Friday October 6th, by 8am.  You can fill out the web form before you get to the hotel, and then we will make your badge once you get to the Registration Desk.

Full-service registration will be available by 2pm on Friday the 6th.   The registration desk will be in the main lobby, towards the left, more or less across from hotel registration.



Meet our Toastmaster and Featured Guests

Meet our Toastmaster and Featured Guests!  Along with our Guests of Honor, these guests are key parts of the program.

More details here.


Meet our Guests of Honor

Great Guests of Honor, a varied program, a friendly venue — what are you waiting for?

If you missed out on Pre-Registration (which closed at midnight on October 1st), on-site registration on the web will be open by 8am Friday Oct 6th, and the registration desk will be open by noon.

More details here