Thank you to GameKastle!

We would like to thank GameKastle for being one of our sponsors again this year, especially for our miniatures painting workshop.

Stop by one of their stores.

Thank you to Games of Berkeley!

We would like to thank Games of Berkeley for being one of our sponsors again this year, especially for our Cards Against Humanity tournament.

Visit them in the Marketplace!  Visit their store (yes, it’s in Berkeley).   Join the second-generation of gamers at their Durant Avenue address, just off the corner of Telegraph.


Paint it Up- Nerd style!

Grab a drink at the bar, and get ready for the most fun you’ve ever had with a paintbrush!

Artist and teacher Jameson Grant is going to lead you through the steps to find your inner Painting Maestro, and you’ll come home with this one of a kind canvas, painted by you! This class is great for everyone, from experienced painters to those who’ve never touched a paintbrush! It’s great for all ages, and is a riot of laughs, music, and learning basic paint and color theory techniques all at the same time!

$20 workshop fees for materials. Scheduled from 7-9 PM, Saturday Night, in the Pacific Room, behind the Bishop Ranch Grill Restaurant.

LARP: Bleeding Edges

Bleeding Edges is a Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade game, which will happen Saturday night.  Check in starts at 6pm, Intros at 7pm, and the Game starts at 8pm.

Two warring vampire clans of the Camarilla have recently come to a tentative peace. Tonight, to rally against the encroaching Sabbat, they bring their best servants, ghouls, to determine which of them will receive the honor of the Embrace, to become a vampire themselves. Only five ghouls will be chosen. Will you be a dignified Ventrue, a passionate Brujah, or a lowly servant to powerful vampire masters? Will you choose to keep the peace, or will you write your own destiny with the blood of your enemies?

Bleeding Edges will include adult content and mature themes. With that in mind, players must be 18 or over. 

To sign up to play before the convention, please visit

Bleeding Edges will primarily use the Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade Quickstart Guide. You can get a free PDF at

Elizabeth Leggett

Elizabeth Leggett is a Hugo award-winning illustrator whose work focuses on soulful, human moments-in-time. In February, she had her first one woman show at the Jean Cocteau (George R.R. Martin’s theater/gallery) in Santa Fe. Her clients currently include Skyboat Media (Grammy winning audiobook company), Incarnate Games and Rook Creek Publishing.  Her work can be found in Spectrum22, Spectrum 24, Infected By Art Vol 3-5, Expose 12, WIRED, ImagineFX, Mothership Zeta, Lightspeed Magazine and more.  She has been nominated for two Chesley awards. She was special issue art director for Lightspeed Magazine for “Women Destroy Fantasy!” and “Queers Destroy Science Fiction!”

In addition to illustration, Elizabeth plans to return to writing later this year. Her short story, Mercury can be found in Ravens in the Library, a short story collection that includes the works of Charles De Lint and Neil Gaiman.  

Elizabeth, her husband, and their two cats live in New Mexico.  She suggests if you ever visit the state, look up.  The skies are absolutely spectacular!

Here are a few featured selections of Elizabeth’s work- you can find more at her website, Portico Arts.

Shawna Trpcic

Shawna is a Hollywood costume designer who designed the awesome attire seen on Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Torchwood: Miracle Day, Cabin in the Woods, as well as other projects.

A member of the Costume Designers Guild, she has auctioned off pieces from her private collection (including several from Firefly), and even altered her own wedding dress to create the ballgown worn by Inara in the Firefly episode “Shindig.”  She often includes flamingos in her work — sort of considering it a “Where’s Waldo” game, hiding them on ties, shirts, jackets, you name it.  She grew up with comics, and feels that contributes to her sense of color and design.

She joins us for Con-Volution 2017 to showcase her amazing talent and chat with us about her design work.


Lee Moyer

LEE MOYER – Toast-Master, Raconteur and Man About Town.


1 • Has spoken, lectured, and mentored at the Smithsonian Institution, M.I.T., National Zoo, et alia.
2 • Once caught the largest rainbow trout in the middle of main street with his bare hands.
3 • His Kickstarter White Paper and essay ‘The Elements of Illustration’ are widely read.
4 • Created the artwork for Amanda Palmer’s Nudie Pen.
5 • Work exhibited in galleries in New York, Los Angeles, and London.
6 • 3 Literary Pin-up Calendars with authors N.K. Jemisin, George RR Martin, Jacqueline Carey, Ray Bradbury, et alia.
7 • Scrabble champion and fiend at Anagrams.
8 • The Doom that Came to Atlantic City (with Keith Baker) created FTC precedent on crowdfunding.
9 • Could talk all four legs off an Arcturan Mega-Donkey.

Mette Hedin

I moved to California from Sweden in 1995 and was delighted to find a vibrant fandom scene where I could immerse myself in sci-fi, which had up until that point largely been a solitary interest in my life. I especially took to the costuming right away, as dressing up was and to a large degree still is, considered a bit childish where I grew up.

The first convention costume I made was a recreation of Spock’s black tunic from “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, a costume that is seen for all of 90 seconds in the movie. At that point all I knew how to do was sew and do a tiny bit of makeup, but in the 20 years since I have worked hard at improving not only my collection of costumes but also my skill as a costumer. For every costume I make I try to learn something new, acquire a new tool or play with a new material. I now dabble in a number of areas such as sculpting, mold making, leatherworking, foam carving, pattern making, sewing, wig modification, makeup, prosthetics, casting and painting to name a few. My costumes span a number of fandom areas such as movies, tv shows, comics, cartoons and video games.

I costume because it is a fantastic way to wear your fandom on your sleeve and to employ a multitude of creative skills to produce something with your hands. Wearing the costume is almost secondary to the process of making it for me. I relish the challenge of going into the unknown and designing, creating and problem solving all the parts that make up the whole without having a blueprint or cheat sheet for how you will get from A to Z. In the 20 years I have been at this I have gone from the shy Vulcan in the corner to someone who has made costuming a large part of her life reaching milestones such as braving the masquerade stage at Worldcon, traveling to England to train with the people that work on the special effects makeup on Doctor Who*, judging in masquerades, showing up on television and getting interviewed for Doctor Who Magazine.

But I cannot talk about my life in fandom without mentioning someone who is completely integral to my fandom life. Fandom has enriched and changed my life in so many ways: friendship, experiences and a sense of community and belonging, but the best thing it has brought me is my husband Bryan. We met through fandom, he proposed to me at a convention and together we have been navigating conventions of all sizes for 17 years and counting. We build costumes separately and together and we both love to nerd out about all things costume. And now we have the immense honor of being fan guests of honor for our favorite local convention Convolution! So please come find us at the convention if you have any questions/problems/tips/ideas or just want to hang out in general!



*Gorton Studios — Makeup FX and Prosthetics Creation course.



Photo credits:  Richard Man, Chris Erickson, Christine Doyle, Mette Hedin