LARP: Bleeding Edges

Bleeding Edges is a Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade game, which will happen Saturday night.  Check in starts at 6pm, Intros at 7pm, and the Game starts at 8pm.

Two warring vampire clans of the Camarilla have recently come to a tentative peace. Tonight, to rally against the encroaching Sabbat, they bring their best servants, ghouls, to determine which of them will receive the honor of the Embrace, to become a vampire themselves. Only five ghouls will be chosen. Will you be a dignified Ventrue, a passionate Brujah, or a lowly servant to powerful vampire masters? Will you choose to keep the peace, or will you write your own destiny with the blood of your enemies?

Bleeding Edges will include adult content and mature themes. With that in mind, players must be 18 or over. 

To sign up to play before the convention, please visit

Bleeding Edges will primarily use the Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade Quickstart Guide. You can get a free PDF at

Workshops! Workshops!

We have some great workshops for you.  Check out the Workshops page for more details.

All workshops have limited seats and will require sign up through our Registration Page.  Some have a materials fee, some don’t.

Stay for our theme parties! Rooms just $121

Con-Volution has moved to the San Ramon Marriott for 2017!

  • Room Rate: $121 – room includes wi-fi & parking
  • Restaurant: Bishop Grill – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Closest Public Transport: Dublin BART Station
  • Fitness Center: Yes!

But best of all, we reserved took over all meeting space in the hotel, just for you!

Click here to make your room reservation for just $121 per night.

Located at 2600 Bishop Dr. San Ramon, CA 94583

Days of searching for a grocery store, ATM, or something this side of the freeway are over! The shopping plaza behind our hotel has tons of stores for your convenience, including a Target. Pick up some supplies, fix that costume, and you’re ready to go!

Nestled in the lush city of San Ramon and ideally situated near San Francisco and Silicon Valley, our hotel is a great choice for both corporate and leisure travel. Enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet at Bishop Grill, our California-style restaurant, before attending all your workshops at Con-Volution. Relax each evening in our sophisticated guest rooms, many of which feature views of the surrounding Redwood forest. Be sure to make time for breaking a sweat in the fitness center or taking a dip in the heated outdoor pool.







Masquerade at Con-Volution 2017

We will be having a staged Masquerade this year on the main stage at 4 pm on Saturday, Oct 7th.  There will be prep and run through happening from 11 am -1 pm on Saturday. Please plan to attend if you are wanting to participate.

Our Masquerade Hosts will be Phil and Kathe Gust. They will help you with all your questions and concerns .  Please complete the Masquerade form below and bring it in to the morning meeting on Saturday at 11 am or email it back to

Masquerade Forms – Convolution

Looking forward to seeing all the amazing costumers and CosPlayers this year!

Here are the  Rules for Convolution Masquerade 2017:

  • Any costume appearing on-stage must be suitable for a general audience.
  • Performances may consist of either individuals or groups.
  • No throwing of items from the stage for the safety of the performers and audience.
  • Any live weapon use or combat skit must be okayed ahead of time by the director.
  • Masquerade presentations should be no more than 1 minute long, if individual, but there is no minimum stage time. A simple catwalk to display your costume is fine. Group entries can be longer depending on size of group, up to 3 minutes.
  • There will be no workmanship judging at Convolution 2017, only stage presentation judging.
  • There will be no onstage microphones and no special lighting will be available, only standard room lighting.
  • Please submit your presentation using the form on the website. You will not be accepted without submitting a form. The cutoff date is at the con during the tech meeting (see below).
  • All entries are expected to check in and turn in forms at the tech meeting. Not all members of group entries need to appear, but the completed forms must be turned in by a member of the group.
  • Soundtracks should be submitted as a WAV or MP3 file on a USB Drive. Be sure to clearly label it with your performance name it so it can be returned.
  • Tech meeting is scheduled for Saturday between 11 AM and 1 PM for contestants to see the space, check in with sound tech, and get names and any other details verified with the MC.  
  • The masquerade is from 4pm -6pm that same day.  Check into the Green Room by 3 PM
  • Finally, have fun!


1 & 2-Part Molds

Come learn how to make a simple 1 or 2 part mold to cast pieces from small existing objects or sculpted pieces. Attendees can bring a couple of smaller pieces, no bigger than 4 x 4 inches, and we will determine which one to use in the workshop. We will also provide some sample objects in case attendees did not have a suitable item. Attendees will learn how to make a 1 or 2 part mold from the object, and will cast at least 1 sample in plastic in the workshop.

Class size limited.  There is a materials fee of $23.

Give Yourself the Finger

Participants will make an impression of their own finger, possibly teaming up with other participants, cast the finger in silicone and paint it up to look as gory as they want. This gives a basic understanding of life casting, silicone casting and the basics of painting silicone pieces, as well as resulting in a fun gory piece to take home.

Class size limited.  There is a materials fee of $12.

Constructing an EVA Foam Helmet

Learn the steps and techniques for building a basic EVA foam helmet for cosplay. All materials and tools for basic helmet construction will be provided, finishing and detailing can be your own direction from there!

Limited seating.  Workshop fee $15.

Make Dragon Eggs

Join sculptor and dollmaker Kimmi Allbee as she teaches how to turn polymer clay and a little time and imagination into intricate, lovely dragon eggs! All materials will be provided for you to sculpt, pattern, and detail a dragon egg all of your own design and making. Bring your inner Khaleesi, and learn techniques for working with low-fire polymer clay that can be used in lots of other creative endeavors.


Class size limited.  There is a materials fee of $17.