• Paint it Up- Nerd style!

    Have you ever wanted to overcome your fear of the canvas? Artist and teacher Jameson Grant will take you through the steps to create your own masterpiece in just one session. The best part is taking home your very own painting!

  • 1 & 2-Part Molds

    Come learn how to make a simple 1 or 2 part mold to cast pieces from small existing objects or sculpted pieces. Attendees can bring a couple of smaller pieces, no bigger than 4 x 4 inches, and… Read More

  • Give Yourself the Finger

    Participants will make an impression of their own finger, possibly teaming up with other participants, cast the finger in silicone and paint it up to look as gory as they want. This gives a basic understanding of life… Read More

  • Constructing an EVA Foam Helmet

    Learn the steps and techniques for building a basic EVA foam helmet for cosplay. All materials and tools for basic helmet construction will be provided, finishing and detailing can be your own direction from there! Limited seating.  Workshop… Read More

  • Make Dragon Eggs

    Join sculptor and dollmaker Kimmi Allbee as she teaches how to turn polymer clay and a little time and imagination into intricate, lovely dragon eggs! All materials will be provided for you to sculpt, pattern, and detail a… Read More

  • Making Origami Stars

    Learn how to make cute origami stars for table confetti, room decor, and gifts. They can be used in jars, as ornaments, and as gift decorations.   Class size limited.  Age limit of 10 and older.

  • Chainmail Workshop

    Chainmail isn’t just for fighting — it can be used in art and as jewelry.   Join Elonda Castro and learn how to make chainmail into jewelry and other useful items. Two sessions.  Class size limited.  There is… Read More

  • Alaskan Beading Techniques

    Come learn the traditional Tlinget tribe beading used for ceremonial regalia. Bead a patch and take home supplies and knowledge to do more. Emz learned beading from Tlingit natives in Kenai, Alaska. Sewers will find this task easy,… Read More

  • Magic Wands with EpoxySculpt!

    Come create your own personal magic wand! Learn how to sculpt a durable wand from scratch out of an air drying two part epoxy clay. The workshop will give you experience in how to use this versatile clay,… Read More

  • Tiny ‘Zines, Comics, and Coloring Books

    Learn how to turn a single sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 paper into a little 8 page miniature comic book, coloring book, or zine about twice the size of a postage stamp. Some go even smaller and… Read More

  • Make Your Own Coloring Book Page

    Whether you are a pro artist or doodler, learn how to create your own coloring book page. From concept and sketch to inking and completion.   Class size limited.  Age 10 and older.

  • Miniature Painting Workshop

    Have you ever wanted to paint your own miniature for gaming? What about a whole army? In this workshop you will learn all the best ways to apply tiny amounts of paint for making every miniature a work of art.