Workshop Submissions for 2017

New year, new site- and Con-Volution 2017 looks to take another “next step” in becoming the kind of event our attendees want to see!

Every year, we get more and more feedback of how much everyone loves to get their hands in and make things, learn new skills, and actively participate in the programming they attend. This year, following our parent corporation’s big shift to an educational nonprofit organization, we want to find new ways to share skills and have fun doing it!

We want to provide workshop and active involvement opportunities for artists, for makers, costumers, writers- you name it! We’re looking for molding and fabrication, make-up tricks, art techniques, writing workshops, science experiments, poetry slams and songwriting sessions, collaborative exercises and costuming techniques- if you can teach it, we want to hear from you!

Please use the form below to send us your suggestions BEFORE JULY 15th, 2017. This is NOT a request for suggestions- we are actively looking for people to put forth ideas that they are willing to teach and present. After the June 30th deadline, the Events team will be going through the submissions, picking the ones that work best with our theme, direction, and capabilities, and will then contact the workshop leaders to confirm details, and place them on the schedule.

We will still have some traditional panels, and discussion groups, but we’re looking for a majority of our content to shift to being hands-on in focus, so put on your thinking caps, and bring us your ideas!  Any questions about the process can be directed to the Events team at

Workshop Submission

Have an idea for a Workshop you'd like to host at Con-Volution? This is the way to let us know your ideas!
  • Name of Organizer for Workshop. This is the main point of contact, if being hosted by a Group.
  • Please enter the email for the main point of contact for your workshop.
  • If you are submitting on behalf of a fan group or collective, please let us know who you are!
  • What is it you'd like to offer?
  • Give us a short description of what you'll be offering, and why folks might want to come join you!
  • If you will be offering this workshop as part of a group, and there will be others coming to assist you, who are they? First and last names, please!
  • How long of a time block will you need for your presentation and workshop process?
  • If you chose "Other" on the previous question, please tell us the minimum amount of time you would need to complete your workshop offering, if you'll need more than one time slot with a break between, etc.
  • Will your workshop require attendees to bring any particular materials or tools with them, or will you be able to provide everything they will need to take your class?
  • Do you foresee a need to charge a materials fee for your intended class?
  • Is your workshop something that can be attended by all age groups, or are there some limitations? Please let us know, so that we can properly consider timing and placement in the overall Events schedule.
  • Please let us know the maximum number of attendees you can have in one session of your workshop.
  • Please give us some basic idea of what support you might need from the convention to make your Workshop a success! (Select any or all that apply; use the SHIFT key to make multiple selections.)
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